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During these two days in Belo Horizonte, you will have the opportunity to be with me in my office and in the surgical suite. We will perform more common eyelid surgeries in the oculoplastic routine, but with some differences: the use of radiofrequency in all steps, precise dissections leading to clean, fast and elegant surgeries. Refine your technique and optimize (a lot) your results! I'm waiting for you!



Doctor graduated from UFMG with specialization in Ophthalmology from the Minas Gerais Ophthalmological Center. Subspecialization in Ocular Plastics at Hospital São Geraldo/ HC-UFMG. Head of the Ocular Plastics Sector at Hilton Rocha Hospital.

Everything you will receive

Buy Observership and receive free access to the Refinement in Palpebral Surgery course with Juliana Barbi

Take the Refinement Course in Eyelid Surgery

35 practical and 12 theoretical video lessons on procedures related to eyelid surgery and day-to-day life in the clinic

47 video lessons

Get 1 class of the Botulinum Toxin Course with me. Get office material, editable for individual adaptations.

2 bonus

Be by my side for 2 days, in my office and in the surgical suite.

Individual monitoring

Do you have any questions? Talk to me directly in our exclusive group.

Direct support with me

You will be able to join our group rich in content and networking.

Exclusive group

Some topics covered

  • Upper and lower blepharoplasty with canthopexy

  • Anterior route ptosis

  • Reinsertion of MEPS aponeurosis

    posterior route

  • Mini chestnuts

  • Senile entropion with MOPS shortening technique

  • Associated or not with Blepharoplasty

Round Podium
2 days by my side in the office and surgical suite + refinement course in eyelid surgery

Course participants

What they say

Dr. Veruska Maciel Hi guys, finishing two days of immersion here, with Juliana Barbi. I already take her online course, I'm already her photography student and Ju is like that, a mother. I already knew how kind she is. But I think that in the surgical suite she is unbeatable. The technique, the way she presents it, the way she shows techniques, the teaching style she has. It's a unique way of teaching, I think it's totally worth it, both for those who have been on the road for a while and those who are just starting out and we always have to add value to knowledge and the pleasure of being with them, because He is a wonderful, human person! I highly recommend it!

Hi, I'm Martha Lang and I'm an ophthalmologist specializing in Ocular Plastics. I work in Porto Alegre and I was in Belo Horizonte with Dr. Juliana Barbi, doing an observer with her, for two days at the hospital, in the surgical suite and in the office. And they were wonderful days, with a lot of exchange of experience, a lot of learning. She gives wonderful tips, truly golden tips and I highly recommend observing with her, on top of all that she is a very sweet girl from Minas Gerais, she welcomed me with great affection and showed me that Belo Horizonte has the best of it.

Hello, my name is Moema Machado, I am an ophthalmologist, specialist in ocular plastics and I had the honor of being able to accompany Dr Juliana Barbi for two days in her observation program in Belo Horizonte. It was two intense days of immersion in ocular plastic surgery, we were able to follow different surgeries, Dr. Juliana is super experienced, operates very well, otherwise extremely welcoming, with that Minas Gerais way of making us feel at home. So it was two unforgettable days in which I was able to add a lot to my daily practice in ocular plastic surgery. If you, an oculoplastist colleague, are interested in improving your surgical technique and improving radio frequency management, I highly recommend it, it’s really worth it! Dr. Juliana really is very different and she manages to pass on all her knowledge in a practical way that we can incorporate into our daily lives.

Observership in Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Juliana Barbi

Launch offer

1. Win the Refinement in Eyelid Surgery course with 47 classes

2. Win 1 class of the Botulinum Toxin Course with Juliana Barbi

3. Get Editable Consulting Material

Main questions

  • How long is the course available for?
    The course will be available for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • If you are interested in renewing the course, will I get a discount? 
    Yes, for students who wish to continue accessing the platform, we give a 20% discount when renewing the 6-month plan.
  • Will I be able to interact with Dr. Juliana Barbi and the group?
    Yes. Students can join the exclusive Telegram group.
  • Do I get a certificate at the end?
    Yes, the certificate is generated after viewing all classes.
  • And will I get any bonuses?
    Yes 2 bonuses. Various editable office materials for you to adapt to your office. And also a free video lesson on the Botulinum Toxin course.
  • When will I be able to attend classes?
    Immediately. There are 12 theoretical classes and 35 practical classes, recorded and available for you to watch whenever and wherever you want.

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